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Máy cắt Plasma 120A - Cebora
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Máy cắt Plasma 120A - Cebora

Giá: 137 500 000.00vnđ

Đặt câu hỏi

Máy cắt Plasma 120A

Model Proff 123 ACC

Xuất xứ: Cebora - Italy

The new PLASMA PROF 123 ACC three-phase "chopper" power source, thanks to its remarkable power (120A at 60%) and to the new CP161 torch, can cut considerable thicknesses (the recommended thickness, for the best cutting quality and productivity, is 35 mm; the maximum thickness is 40 mm and the severance thickness is 45 mm), has a higher piercing thickness (15 mm) and does not need water cooling.
The high continuous (95A at 100%) duty cycle and the cutting speed make the PLASMA PROF 123 ACC ideal for manual productions of average size.
- Automatic detection of phase presence (both upon start-up and during operation), to avoid damaging the machine in case the phase is accidentally missing.
- Pilot arc operating mode, which makes it possible to work even on painted or coated metals.
- "Post-gas" function which, by cooling the torch after arc shut-off, reduces stress on the components and extends the life-span of consumables.
- High electromagnetic compatibility, per EN60974-10, allowing the power source to be used in the vicinity of electronic equipment (such as computers, PLC, etc).
- High voltage arc striking with high frequency, to ensure reliable lighting of the pilot arc.
- Central torch adapter with safety protection, to avoid accidental contact with the power parts.
- Explosion-proof protection of the air reducer unit.
- Gouging mode that can be selected from the front panel
- Display showing the cutting current and the relevant nozzle diameter to be used
- Standard equipped with 6 m CP161 MAR torch
Complies with EN 61000 - 3 - 12


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